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Batelco warns customers about e-mail scam

Internet service provider fears its users could fall prey to phishing villains.

Bahrain's telephone and internet service provider, Batelco, is warning customers about an e-mail scam that is designed to illegally capture vast numbers of e-mail addresses.

The scam, known as phishing, works by tricking users into verifying their e-mail addresses by responding to a link in a rogue e-mail.

Batelco says its customers are receiving an e-mail with the subject heading "Verification Department", and the body text asks them to update their Batelco email contact details including their password.

The message states that their ‘@batelco.com.bh‘ email address will be deleted unless they forward the requested details within seven days from the message date.

Batelco is urging its customers to ignore these messages and not reply to them. Batelco will not at any time request for customers to disclose their email password through an email communication, the company confirms.

Batelco has set up a help line for anybody needing advice. From inside Bahrain, call 17 88 11 88.