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Samsung unveils 256GB solid state drive

New 2.5 inch solid state drive promises to be among fastest, largest capacity next generation notebook drives

Samsung has announced the development of a new 256GB solid state drive (SSD), making it among the fastest, highest capacity SSD's available today.

The company says that the new 2.5 inch drive will use multi-level cell (MLC) technology and the Serial ATA II interface, reaching read speeds of up to 200 Mbps and write speeds of 160 Mbps, 2.4 times faster than traditional hard disc drives.

While Samsung is not the first vendor to announce 256GB SSD, the new device is the fastest announced so far. Most notebook form factor solid drives have only been offered in capacity up to 64GB.

According to Samsung, the drive, which was announced at the Samsung Mobile Solution Forum event in Taiwain, will ship in volume by the end of the year.