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du hits two million mobile customers

du reaches two million subscriber mark after fifteen months from launch of mobile services

UAE telco operator du is claiming to have attracted two million customers in its first fifteen months of offering mobile services.

du says its is following the UAE Telecoms Regulatory Authority's definition of an ‘active subscriber', as any customer that has made or received a call or sent an MMS or SMS message within the last 90 days. As part of its ongoing to commitment to transparency, du says it will continue to release subscriber numbers on a quarterly basis.

Osman Sultan, CEO du said: "This is an important milestone for us, these figures are evidence that du played fully its role in bringing real competition to the UAE telecommunication market.

"I would like to thank each and every one of our two million customers for their valuable trust; and our main focus in the future is to continue providing more innovative services to them, this milestone would have not been possible without the dedication of the du family; starting with the Chairman and members of the board of directors, and of course the 1,900 employees" he added.

Farid Faraidooni, EVP Commercial, du commented: "This achievement has spurred us on to greater heights. Our customers, both enterprise and consumer, can look forward to more innovative products and services from du, which will increase their convenience and comfort. We will also be expanding our retail network across the UAE to be more accessible to our customers."