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RSA extends data loss protection suite for end-to-end security

RSA, the security division of EMC, introduces range of new services to protect corporate data

RSA has announced a major upgrade of its Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite. The company, the security division of EMC, says that the DLP suite now provides a comprehensive system for managing data security, from the data centre to the end point and across the whole network.

The updates to RSA DLP include new policy libraries to manage national and international policies to meet both regulatory requirements for data security and corporate and business-based criteria.

Mohammed Amin, regional manager, EMC Middle East & North Africa said: "Securing data is an information management process. To be successful, data must first be identified and classified; different controls need to be applied to prevent the data's loss, and the enterprise-wide management of those controls needs to be as efficient as possible.

"This release of the DLP suite is a major advancement in addressing this overall process in a holistic manner. The RSA DLP Suite is engineered both to provide the ability to orchestrate policies that secure sensitive data in the datacenter, network, and at the endpoints, and to provide one of the industry's most robust data discovery and detection capabilities, which are key to an organization's ability to identify risk and protect against sensitive data loss no matter where the data resides," he added.

The DLP suite includes solutions to monitor and manage data at the end-point and data centre, as well as across the network, and to implement the necessary data discovery, access policies, quarantine controls, encryption and reporting to provide complete enterprise wide data security.

Kieran Hernon, key account manager of RSA, Middle East said that organizations in the Middle East already have a culture of data privacy, which should translate into demand for end-to-end security.

"The Gulf countries have been alert to data leakage long before their European and US counterparts. The culture of individual and corporate privacy, long fostered in this region, have focused corporations on the security of data assets and many organizations therefore already have the processes and policies in place to execute on a full data leakage strategy," said Hernon.

"In this regard, the adoption of the relevant technology is a natural step towards closing the loop in information security and as a result, Middle East customers are well educated on the current hodge-podge of point products on the market. At RSA, we are certain that our customers will find the total solution presented in the newly released RSA DLP Suite, a very welcome breath of fresh air," he added.

As part of the product update, RSA has also introduced the DLP RiskAdvisor Service, which will help organizations to assess where sensitive data is at risk, and give concrete recommendations on how to control the risks to the most sensitive data in the most cost effective fashion. The RSA DLP suite will be available in the region from this month.