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Bayt.com to host regional virtual job fair

Online job fair will bring together job seekers and employers in virtual environment

Regional job website Bayt.com is to hold its first ever ‘Virtual Job Fair'.

The five day event, which will run on the Bayt.com website in June, is intended to provide a platform for job seekers and employers to connect online.

The virtual job fair will feature 3D booths of exhibiting companies, where they will be able to display company information and job vacancies. Visitors to the online fair will be able to leave CVs at the stands and apply for specific jobs. Companies can then connect to candidates through either video or online chat.

Rabea Ataya, CEO of Bayt.com said: "An event such as this is an ideal forum for really bringing together job seekers and employers in the increasingly technology-savvy business environment. Online recruitment has a fundamental role to play in the way that companies recruit their staff today in the region, and by holding an event such as this, all sectors will be able to see that due to the sophistication of today's online recruitment, it is a very efficient and convenient process for securing employment.

"Full-time professionals who are seeking employment might not have the time to attend job fairs, and so the virtual version is an efficient and convenient method for them to find new openings without taking time off work. Furthermore, the virtual job fair provides complete confidentiality to every candidate, regardless of which company or which job he/she applies to; and removes all the associated costs in terms of travel or transportation to get to a physical job fair venue," he added.

The event will be sponsored by Emirates Group, and runs from 15-19th June.

Rick Helliwell, Emirates' vice president - Recruitment said: "Career seekers are increasingly utilising the internet to identify their next career move, thus it is important for employers like ourselves to be able to convey information on the range of opportunities we have available through new online initiatives like the virtual job fair. Most job seekers are already employed when they start seeking new career prospects - they are busy people and innovations like the 'virtual job fair' herald an exciting new future where technology is harnessed to help companies market their employment brands and career opportunities."