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Etisalat planning Garmin navigation service for BlackBerry

UAE BlackBerry service to get GPS-enabled navigation software with visual and voice based prompts

Etisalat has announced plans to introduce navigation software for its BlackBerry service.

The Garmin Navigation service will be available for the GPS-enabled BlackBerry 8310 and 8820 models, and will give UAE users a visual and voice-based service, with turn-by-turn directions to specific street addresses or points of interest.

Abdulla Hashim, VP, Enterprise Solutions, Etisalat: "The introduction of the Garmim Mobile Application for BlackBerry will be a very welcome and affordable addition for BlackBerry users and will turn their BlackBerry handset into an extremely useful tool to help them navigate their way around different cities in the UAE. From our perspective, we see this as the first step in Etisalat's efforts to allow users to transform their BlackBerry into a much more versatile and powerful device with the promise of more value added applications in the near future."

No date was given for when the service will be launched.