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Sharaf DG makes house calls

Sharaf DG Help to offer house calls in the UAE to service IT and AV hardware

Consumer electronics retailer Sharaf DG has announced it is offering free door-to-door check ups for anyone in the UAE suffering problems with their PCs.

Sharaf says its tech division, DG Help, has unveiled a "first of its kind service" for the UAE where customers can ring up a toll-free number to request a house call for their ailing PCs, laptops, wireless connections or home theatre systems. Sharaf describes the check-up as a "trouble-shooting consultancy" and claims that the service will be available irrespective of whether the products were originally purchased from one of its Dubai-based stores or not.

"DG Help's free tech check-up service is another customer-focused initiative that will help reduce the frustrations that customers encounter when battling with problems with their computers, laptops and home theatre systems," said Sharaf's director, Nilesh Khalkho.

Unsurprisingly, Khalkho then went on to explain that, although the initial check-up will be free, any suggestions or problems that arise from the trip to the technician's chair, will be repaired at the customer's expense.

"Our engineers will test and report problems with the machines for free. It is then up to the customers to decide to use DG Help to rectify the problem for which there will be charges for labour and spares. We believe that this service will help build a strong bond and loyalty with our customers and demonstrate the expertise of our DG Help service engineers," said Khalkho.