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Date set for Dubai IT traders group launch

Dubai Computer Traders Group to launch in June to represent interests of resellers, retailers and re-exporters

The long-awaited launch of the Dubai Computer Traders Group (DCTG) is finally set to happen following confirmation that a general assembly has been scheduled for Wednesday June 18th.

The event, which is set to kick off at 7pm at the Dubai Chamber premises, will signal the beginning of the group's activities more than two years after formation plans were put in motion.

DCTG will serve as a non-profit organisation for Dubai IT traders, with the initial bulk of members expected to come from Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road where hundreds of retailers, re-exporters and resellers are based.

Following the general assembly, the DCTG plans to meet on a weekly basis, addressing issues affecting members and attempting to bring greater credibility to the Dubai IT channel. It also seeks to develop best practices among members, strengthen relations with vendors and resolve any trade disputes that may arise.

Around 150 resellers have pledged their commitment to the DCTG, with this figure expected to reach more than 500 once the general assembly has taken place and the group can begin collecting fees.

Shailendra Rughwani, president of the DCTG and CEO of Experts Computer, is appealing to traders to attend the event and play a part in the organisation's development.

"At the general assembly we intend to announce the board of directors and the committee, as well as officially informing members that we will now be functioning," he explained.

"Apart from that, we can also address any other worries that attendees might have and answer their questions," he said.

The inaugural DCTG board consists of members from 11 different companies such as Grandsys, Winning Deal Computers and Sky Electronics. All board members will hold office for two years after which they are eligible for re-election.