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Qatari resellers collared by Microsoft

Microsoft Gulf has carried out the latest raid targeting software right infringers in the Middle East.

Microsoft Gulf, in its capacity as a member of the Business software Alliance (BSA), has announced that it has carried out the latest in a long line of raids targeting software right infringers in the Middle East.

In conjunction with Qatar's Ministry of Economy, the software giant initiated searches of two reseller's premises in the country which resulted in the confiscation of two personal computers loaded with Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop and Auto CAD. In addition 150 CDs containing various copies of other programmes where seized.

"Microsoft, BSA and the Qatar Ministry of Economy and Commerce have been working closely to crackdown software piracy in the country," asserted BSA's co-chairman in the Middle East Jawad Al Redha and IPR manager at Microsoft Gulf.

"Our joint efforts are proving extremely fruitful, especially after the recent memorandum of understanding signed between BSA and the Ministry. We are confident that our sustained campaign, involving the private and public sectors, will have a major impact in curbing software piracy in Qatar, while contributing to the creation of a healthy environment for business and foreign investment," said Redha.

Qatar is among the top countries in the region mounting a serious effort to curb the illegal software piracy that continues to have a negative impact on the bottom-line of genuine resellers and retailers.

Abdulla Ahmed Qayed, Head of Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Office-Commercial Affairs Department, Ministry of Economy in Qatar, who oversaw the BSA raids said: "Safeguarding intellectual property rights has been high on the agenda for the Ministry, and we are pleased to coordinate with BSA and Microsoft in their anti-piracy initiatives. The economic implications of software piracy could severely impede the progress of a country, which is why we are committed to adopting stringent measures to curtail this menace."