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IDC aims to educate regional SMBs

IDC is bringing its SMB roadshow to the region, to help small to medium companies make better use of IT

Analyst company IDC is hosting an SMB Roadshow in the Middle East, to help smaller companies in the region to see IT as competitive enabler rather than a cost burden.

The roadshow, which builds on the success of previous SMB events, has already visited several cities in Africa, and now moves to the Middle East from 5th May, taking in Dubai, Istanbul, Riyadh, Kuwait, Doha, Amman and Cairo.

The event will feature keynote speeches from analysts, industry experts, government representative and trade organizations.

Jyoti Lalchandani, vice president and regional managing director, IDC MEA said: "A robust SMB sector forms the cornerstone of any healthy economy. More than 98% of all companies in the Gulf are SMBs and these businesses already account for more than 35% of IT spending in the Middle East and Africa. They are critical to the economic success of the region and, as such, its governments have set in place numerous programs to facilitate the expansion of the SMB segment."