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Bharti Telesoft and Riyada Consulting form partnership with Arab Financial Services

Mobiquity platform to merge with Bharti's card issuing platforms

Bharti Telesoft, a provider of Value Added Services, and Riyada Consulting have announced a strategic partnership with Arab Financial Services to integrate Bharti’s Mobiquity platform with the company’s in-house card issuing platforms.

Mobiquity allows customers to use their mobile phones to make payments or transactions. The platform allows for many commercial and financial applications from both first and third parties, all of which are managed end-to-end by Bharti Telesoft to ensure security.

A customer simply registers their mobile phone number with the bank, and can then pay out credit card bills from their bank accounts, submit requests and make inquiries.

The integration of Mobiquity with more traditional, card-issuing alternatives should help Bharti to advance mobile phones as a payment and transaction medium.

Manoranjan Mohapatra, CEO of Bharti Telesoft said: “As a product Mobiquity has tasted success with operators and banks in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and many countries of Africa. The product also won us the Golden Peacock Award for innovation in December last year. As per the partnership with AFS, Bharti Telesoft along with Riyada Consulting who is our partner in the MENA region will jointly market the offerings to the existing and/new banks.”

Shaikha Dheya Al Khalifa, President of Riyada Consulting said: “ We believe that with AFS’s leading position as a provider of electronic payments and consumer lending outsourcing services, and Bharti Telesoft’s strong capabilities in the field of mobile commerce and value added services, this partnership would present the region’s financial and non-financial institutions with a reliable, pioneering technology which offers a competitive advantage by helping the institutions growing their business in a cost efficient manner.”