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New satellite gives 1.2 Gigabit/s internet access

Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency confirms world's fastest satellite internet

The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JASA) has carried out successful testing of the recently deployed geo-synchronous Kizuna satellite, which is set to bring even faster internet access to Japanese citizens.

The test yielded speeds of up to 1.2GB/s downstream, making it the fastest internet satellite service in the world and continuing to render satellite internet technology a viable alternative to fiber-optic cables. While the 1.2GB/s speed refers specifically to antenna-equipped businesses, homes with smaller receiver equipment can still expect impressively fast speeds of up to 155MB/s.

Another advantage of satellite connectivity is that in the event of a disaster, communications infrastructure is less likely to be affected.

The $342 million project was spearheaded by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in association with JASA. Coverage from the satellite extends over the entirety of Japan, as well other neighboring locations in the Asia-Pacific region including Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul.