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Motorola releases 802.11n switch

"Complete portfolio" wireless LAN switch is first in industry to include eight power over Ethernet ports

The enterprise mobility arm of Motorola today announced its 802.11n wireless LAN switch (WLAN), the RFS6000.

The new switch is the first in the industry to include the combination of eight power over Ethernet (PoE) ports; a PCI express slot for wireless WAN backhaul 3G/4G services such as EVDO, HSDPA and Wimax; and a PCI expansion slot for services such as IP PBX. It also supports up to 48 802.11a/b/g/n access points (APs) and is capable of providing Wi-Fi coverage for up to 2000 users.

“With the RFS6000, adaptive APs, enterprise mesh and outdoor wireless offerings, we are the only company in the industry with a complete portfolio to help enterprises truly realise the vision of a secure and reliable wireless enterprise inside and out,” said Sujai Hajela, vice president and general manager of enterprise WLAN at Motorola enterprise mobility business.

According to the company: “The RFS6000 enables businesses to build an enterprise WLAN that serves the entire organisation from workers in corporate headquarters to manufacturing and distribution plants to remote branch offices.”

802.11n is the latest standard within IEEE 802.11, but has yet to be ratified by the body. Most manufacturers are hoping the finished article, due for publication in July 2009, will not be significantly different to the draft, and have begun releasing ‘pre-N’ products based on early specs, such as Motorola’s RFS6000.