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Intel and eHome to build smart homes together

Intel and smart home specialist e-Home AUTOMATION to collaborate on integrated lifestyle solutions

Intel and UAE-based e-Home AUTOMATION have signed an agreement to jointly develop smart home solutions for the region.

Under the terms of the MOU, which was signed by Samir Al-Schamma, general manager of Intel GCC, and Khalifa Al-Jaziri, managing director of eHome, the two companies will work together to create smart home solutions based on Intel's multi-core processors. eHome will receive access to Intel technology and support to create highly integrated systems for homes including AV and atmospheric controls.

Schamma said: "The Gulf countries are in a unique position to leap ahead and make the digital communities vision a reality. The implementation of cutting edge digital home technologies at the development stage will allow residents to experience first hand how technology can have a real positive impact on their daily lives."

The initiative will target real estate developers in the UAE, and will aim to give them a better idea of the capabilities of home automation solutions.

Khalifa Al-Jaziri commented: "We are delighted that Intel has come on board to help us digitize GCC homes. Imagine owning a home set-up that allows the sharing of digital media across your personal network - the seamless transfer of your holiday photos from your digital camera to the PC for editing and then on to a large-screen TV or digital picture frame for viewing with the family. Such ‘visions' are no longer a dream but a reality that our partnership will actively seek to promote and implement over the coming years."