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EMPA successfully implements contingency measures to address Warehouse incident

Employees resume normal operations at new headquarters in Jebel Ali.

EMPA, one of the largest IT distribution companies operating in the MENA region, has announced that it has successfully set in motion contingency measures that have minimised unnecessary disruptions and helped to restore normalcy in its operations following a fire that hit its main warehouse in Jebel Ali recently. As a sign that it is getting back on track, EMPA employees involved in critical operations have already resumed work at a new facility, which is part of the company's new headquarters also located in Jebel Ali.

The company has confirmed that its sales office was not affected by the incident and it is now and fully reactivated the IT infrastructure of its marketing hub. Moreover, EMPA has already mobilised a dedicated internal crisis management team immediately after the incident to address queries and reassure customers, while all primary vendor partners have been fully briefed and constantly updated on the situation.

"EMPA is doing everything possible to minimise customer discomfort, working extra hours to remove obstacles that cause unnecessary delays to the full recovery of operations. I assure our customers that the company is fully prepared to meet various emergency cases as all our staff members have been sufficiently briefed on their responsibilities in situations like this. We are pleased that the whole EMPA organisation has responded commendably well," said Rahb Hamidaddin, EMPA President.

"The company also received an outpouring of support from customers and partners. The whole EMPA family is touched by such strong show of support, which only shows the trust we have gained from our customers. Naturally, this has further boosted our enthusiasm to resolve all issues within the shortest time possible," added Hamidaddin.

EMPA, which distributes a number of leading global brands, has assured customers and partners that damaged products will be immediately replenished as they all have full insurance coverage. Moreover, the transition period may be further shortened as EMPA has already planned long ago the transfer of all its stocks to its new headquarters in Jebel Ali.