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Resellers raided in Abu Dhabi

BSA and Abu Dhabi authorities seize pirate software CDs in raids on IT resellers

Three resellers in Abu Dhabi have been caught installing pirated software on PCs. The three companies were caught in raids initiated by Microsoft Gulf, as part of the Business Software Alliance and Abu Dhabi authorities.

Ninety-three CDs of pirated software were seized during the raids. The resellers had thought to have been illegally installing Microsoft Office and Windows XP on PC's.

The raids follow previous actions against resellers in the capital that resulted in four arrests for piracy offences.

Jawad Al Redha, IPR Manager, Microsoft Gulf, said: "We will continue to support and follow up these recent raids to protect the integrity of Abu Dhabi's local software market. Our actions are meant to send a strong signal that the UAE in general and the capital city in particular will not tolerate piracy of any form. We encourage both public and private interests to report any activities against intellectual property, and we extend our appreciation to local authorities who have been supportive of our anti-piracy campaign.

"Software piracy victimizes not only the economy but society as well, which still views such crimes as petty. We will continue to fight this illegal trade through aggressive private and public dissemination of its detrimental effects, productive partnerships with organizations such as BSA, and close cooperation with enforcement authorities," he added.