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Saudi NIC beefs up system security

Entrust GetAccess to help secure applications and data for Ministry of Interior's National Information Centre

The National Information Centre of the Saudi Ministry of Interior has increased application and data security with the deployment of a web access control from Entrust.

The NIC provides computing services and storage for all Ministry sites across the Kingdom, including management of the Hajj pilgrimage. To improve the integrity of the system, the NIC has rolled out a complete access control solution, based on Entrust's GetAccess.

The new system includes a single portal for all users, with single sign-on (SSO) to access applications.

Bill Conner, Entrust chairman, president and CEO commented: "Moving toward a secure e-government model can be an arduous undertaking. As such, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia should be commended for implementing a secure single sign-on application that will help streamline communication and access to information in an efficient, convenient manner.

"Implementing such an application will allow the country's Ministry of Interior to improve cost-effectiveness, increase productivity and help promote secure communication between government agencies and departments," he added.