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Government of Oman opens Innovation Centre

Joint project with Microsoft will bring benefits of technology to government departments in the Sultanate

The Government of Oman and Microsoft launched a new Innovation Centre this week, to build government IT expertise in the Sultanate. The centre will be under the management of the IT Authority of Oman.

The Innovation Centre will focus on providing specific projects to government departments. The first project will be with the Ministry of Finance and Commerce, with a messaging project with the Ministry of Defence also planned.

The program will be staffed by ten Omani nationals, who will be trained to Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) to enable them to assess the needs of other government departments.

Dr. Salim Sultan Al Ruzaiqi, CEO of Oman's Information Technology Authority (ITA): "In the long term, the fact that nationals are trained to manage the very complex solutions is critical to national security, healthcare, and education. This project is seen as a successful partnership so far and those involved think this is a model to be adopted anywhere: a multinational vendor delivering value at home via the Innovation Centre model."

Fawzi Al-Harrassy, account manager, Microsoft Oman said: "Our goal is to deploy best-in-class solutions, beginning with infrastructure and collaboration capabilities. Essentially making sure the top tier of 30-40% of all government ministries enjoy the large scale technologies that are available to them. Next we will move to roll out these capabilities to remainder of the smaller scale government entities."