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Dell launches energy efficient blades

New PowerEdge M-Series designed to make data centres more energy efficient

Dell has launched a new range of energy efficient blade servers. The PowerEdge M-Series blades are designed to deliver lower power and cooling requirements in a compact and flexible form factor.

The M-Series consists of two servers at present, the M600 with Intel Xeon Dual Core processors and the M605 running AMD Quad Core Opteron processors.

The company has also launched the M1000e blade enclosure, a 10U-sized enclosure, which supports up to sixteen blade servers. The enclosure also has a range of connectivity options to work with Cisco Ethernet, Brocade Fibre Channel, host business adaptors from QLogic and Emulex and Infiniband mezzanine card from Mellanox.

According to a study from Principled Technologies, commissioned by Dell in December, the PowerEdge M-Series consumes up to 19% less power and achieves up to 25% better performance per watt than the HP BladeSystem c-Class; and 12% less energy and achieves up to 28% better performance per watt than IBM's BladeCenter H.

Jul Johansen, enterprise solutions manager, Dell Middle East, commented: "Blade offerings have been long on promises and short on helping customers address the growing costs and complexity in their datacentres. The PowerEdge M-Series delivers on those promises with unmatched energy efficiency, flexibility and manageability. It enables customers to achieve the compute performance they need while lowering their overall power consumption and reducing datacentre complexity and server sprawl."