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Buffalo combo high definition movie writer heads this way

Buffalo MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD drive keeps consumer choice open for high definition format

Storage and multimedia solution vendor Buffalo Technology has announced plans to enter this region's optical disk market with a range of external DVD drives targeted at tech-savvy consumers. These offerings, one of which was recently demonstrated at CES 2008 in the US, will be launched here in March.

The company's top-of-the range optical offering will be the only product in the EMEA marketplace to support Blu-Ray (read/write) and HD-DVD (read-only), according to the company's press statement. The PC-connectable, USB-enabled ‘MediaStation Blu-ray HD DVD drive' will also be compatible with existing DVD formats and will arrive bundled with Nero disc burning software.

"The formatting war is hotting up in the wake of the Warner Brothers announcement to go with Blu-Ray camp, but the battle isn't over yet," commented Gerardine Lynch, the firm's EMEA product marketing manager. "We therefore feel it's important to offer consumers a choice between Blu-Ray and HD-DVD which guarantees that their investment won't be wasted in the future," she said.

"The Middle East is a growing market for us and we want to establish Buffalo Technology as a quality player in this emerging market, with the benefit of its heritage in external hard drives and network attached storage," added Buffalo's EMEA director, Kevin Vine. "The Middle East has traditionally been quick to adopt new technology and we see it as an important market to launch our new DVD drives in the region simultaneously with the rest of Europe."

Buffalo's optical line-up will feature two other products, one of which will offer read-only functionality for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD media. The other will be a cost-effective option to allow consumers to read and write to standard DVDs.