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Business Software Alliance holds anti-piracy event in Bahrain

Anti-piracy roadshow to promote IPR issues hosted by BSA and the Bahraini Ministry of Information

The Business Software Alliance (BSA) and the Bahrain Ministry of Information jointly hosted an anti-piracy roadshow yesterday, to raise public awareness of intellectual property rights issues.

The event, which was held at the Bahrain Sheraton Hotel, also provided a platform to promote Bahrain's anti-piracy strategy for 2008.

Jamal Dawood, director of publication, Ministry of Information, Kingdom of Bahrain said: "The Government of Bahrain is committed to protecting the interest of the IT sector. It is our aim to intensify campaign our especially given the fact that Bahrain has the highest ICT adoption rate in the Arab world. We greatly appreciate the efforts of Business Software Alliance in helping us strengthen and develop our anti-piracy strategy for the coming year."

Jawad Al Redha, Microsoft IPR Manager in the Gulf, and co-chair of the BSA Middle East commented: "Bahrain's anti-software piracy initiatives play a key role in improving investor confidence in the country and ultimately boosting economic growth. BSA is pleased with the commitment being shown by the Kingdom of Bahrain in thwarting crimes against intellectual property, which pose a significant threat to its burgeoning IT sector."

"We have enjoyed a very fruitful partnership with our counterparts in Bahrain with regards to our war against software piracy in the country and in the region. We hope to see more unified efforts among the government, the private sector and the public in eradicating piracy and realising the full potential of the country's rapidly developing IT sector," Al Redha added.