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Gigabyte pledges greener products in 2008

Manufacuturer promises 20% better power efficiency on motherboard lines

Motherboard and VGA manufacturer Gigabyte has pledged to introduce more energy efficient products during 2008. The company says that it is aiming for 20% better power efficiency on all motherboard lines during 2008.

The first products in its energy efficient motherboard ranges are slated for launch this month.

Henry Kao, senior VP of International Sales & Marketing, Gigabyte commented: "The writing is on the wall and we all know that we have to help slow down global warming in order to ensure our future business; it's just a matter of who's going to take the first step and set the example. Green computing is the way of the future and hardware vendors who want to succeed in tomorrow's markets need to plan accordingly. We don't mind being first if it makes good business sense!"

Gigabyte already has a number of green manufacturing processes in place, according to the company, including the adoption of Restriction of Hazardous Substances (ROHS) manufacturing processes in 2005, the introduction of all-solid capacitors with better power efficiency than electrolytic capacitors, and other manufacturing features to improve electricity consumption and thermal output in processors.

The company has also changed its RMA policy to include more recycling of onboard components rather than replacing them, and introduced range of internal measures to reduce electricity consumption and reduce waste at its facilities.