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Seven Sea's hospitality solutions get international award

momentohs enterprise approach to hospitality management wins recognition from industry

UAE solution provider Seven Seas is celebrating international recognition for its hospitality management software.

The momentohs software suite was listed as a finalist in the Editors' Choice Awards, presented to new products for the hospitality sector at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show (IH/M&RS), which was held earlier this month in New York.

The software, which was developed by Seven Seas in the UAE, was launched into the US market at the show. Seven Seas already has customers using the software in a number of countries including Sri Lanka, the Maldives and Kenya, and hopes to announce deals in the Middle East soon.

Mehboob Hamza, chairman of Seven Seas, said that the product was developed to provide the hospitality sector with a fully integrated solution for management that would give much greater insight and control over all of a hotel's operations than is possible with alternative solutions.

"momentos approach is to bring the best practices of enterprise class software, aspects of ERP, CRM, intelligent building management solutions, to offer a holistic view of hospitality management. You are able to see the inter-relations between various aspects of the business, collate information from various areas of revenue collection, and you are able to see 360-view across whole management," Hamza said.

The hospitality industry lags behind other sectors in its use of IT to create strategic advantage, Hamza said, in part because of the market has been overly-reliant on products from a single vendor, MICROS, the dominant player in hospitality solutions.

"The main reservation [of hoteliers to deploy new solutions] is that they are used to a system that they have been using for the last 10-12 years, and they are unwilling to take new risks. The hotel sector has three main issues - this inertia, a lack of awareness of IT as a strategic driver in other industries and a lack of movement of staff between hospitality and other sectors, which makes learning about outside sectors dismal.

Hamza believes that the hotel industry has a growing understanding of the need for greater integration, which creates a great potential for Seven Seas.

"The winds of change are going to hit the industry, it can't carry on working with disparate systems. We are probably the only company positioned to address the challenges face the industry, and recognition of momentohs is a major achievement," Hamza added.