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WiMAX debuts in Tanzania

Tanzanian telco rolls out the country's first WiMAX network

Tanzania will get its first WiMAX network with telecommunications provider Hotspot Business Solutions pairing with Canada's Redline Communications Group to deploy the wireless network.

The first phase of the deployment starts today as Hotspot launches the service in the country's commercial centre Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, with the rollout eventually extending to Arusha in December 2007.

Hotspot claims the technology will boost subscriber numbers by up to 60% inside the next two years as it rolls out the Canadian company's Redmax solution to six cities across the country.

"With Redline's solution, our network can support a much greater capacity of subscribers than with other technologies, allowing a much faster return on our investment - a return we hope to realize within the next eight to ten months," said Emmanuel Nyaki, chief executive officer of Hotspot, who also described the initiative as a milestone in the country's history.

The second phase of the Hotspot RedMAX deployment will begin in January 2008, and will bring WiMAX services to the capital city of Dodoma, as well as Morogoro and Zanzibar.

Under the terms of the agreement, the Hotspot WiMAX network will be managed and coordinated by RapidCloud Technology.