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Umniah debuts WiMAX in Jordan

Batelco subsidiary Umniah promises to boost connectivity in Jordan after rolling out WiMAX services

Jordanian telecom operator Umniah has launched WiMAX services in Jordan under the UMAX trademark, making it the first mobile operator to launch the technology in the kingdom.

The Batelco subsidiary announced the launch at a recent press conference, promising the service will ramp up levels of connectivity and effectively replace traditional cable or DSL infrastructure.

UMAX transmits data from one computer to another using encoded radio waves and then to personal computers over distances of up to 15 kilometers with a speed that reaches 2 megabit/second.

The service also allows users to make VoIP calls while also receiving and sending large multimedia files.

Commenting on the launch, Umniah CEO Joseph Hanania said: "It gives me great honour to announce the launch of UMAX in Jordan having made all the preparations to roll out a top-notch network that can offer the latest up-to-date services. UMAX will give users the best services at the highest value for money."

UMAX services will help Jordan achieve its goal of transforming itself into a regional technical hub as well as bridge the technical divide in the kingdom, Hanania added.

He further added that the company has paired with Intel, HP, and Airspan. The operator has also formed a partnership with the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance in Jordan to finance the purchase of computers and further promotion of UMAX services in the kingdom.

UMAX services coverage will initially be available to just over 30% of the Jordanian capital Amman with a further roll out of the technology planned for the months ahead.