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East Meets West receives service award

East Meets West (EMW) wins Service Assessment award from Geneva Services Group

East Meets West (EMW) has announced that it has received the Service Assessment award from well-renowned firm Geneva Services Group for its continued work excellence in the region. According to the company, only one other company, Alghanim in Kuwait, has ever been given the award.

EMW plans on growing its Middle East operations in the year ahead. The firm has its regional headquarters in Dubai with an office in Abu Dhabi.

The company has doubled its staff every year for the last four years and addresses IT needs across different sectors including education, finance, hospitality, media, retail and government.

"When we started we were the underdogs. Competition used to expose our service support as outnumbered, overqualified and unable to survive a price sensitive market. Four years later EMW is still here more determined than ever before. This service assessment award serves as the proof of our support commitment to our customers," said Serjios EL-Hage, VP of EMW Middle East.

According to him, EMW sees Dubai as a strategically important location - not only to service the huge growth coming from the UAE, but also other areas in the Gulf region.

The compa+ny's ‘smart convergence' tag comes from its early identification of the move to convergence of voice and data and the additional business solutions this can provide, especially call and contact centre solutions. EMW was among the earliest adopters of VOIP back in 1996 and since then, has been leveraging technologies from industry leading vendor partners including Avaya, Cisco, Foundry, Juniper and Trapeze.

EL-Hage adds that the Dubai and Abu Dhabi offices will be expanded going forward.