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Mobile music on demand

Egyptian wireless company to offer mobile users a music-to-web search and information service.

T.A.Telecom, a Cairo-based wireless service provider, is set to launch a mobile-to-web music service to its users after signing a deal with Shazam Entertainment, a UK-based mobile-to-web music service company.

The agreement will make Shazam's Music Discovery service available to all T.A. Telecom customers in countries including Egypt, KSA, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrai, allowing them to discover and purchase music via Shazam's mobile music recognition software. Users will be able to access the service from anywhere within the region by dialing an international number.

"Our foray into the music recognition segment will reinforce our position in the telecom sector, and will enable us to differentiate our service portfolio for our customers," said Amr Shady, CEO, T.A. Telecom.

The service allows users to discover and purchase multiple formats of music including ring tones, full-track downloads and albums, all through their mobile phone.

To use Shazam's music recognition software, the user holds their phone to music for between five and 10 seconds. The software identifies the track and then sends an SMS with the name of the artist and song title to the user.

Having received the music recognition result, users can then choose to buy associated products, such as ring tones, similar music tracks and wallpapers. They can also access information on the track or artist, and engage with like-minded fans.

Customers do not need any additional hardware or software for their mobile phone, and no user registration is needed to use the service, although standard call charges apply.