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Aulterra Neutraliser sticks

While controversy over the health risks of mobile use heightens, this well rounded solution by UK company Aulterra may just stick.

The concern and controversy surrounding the possibly harmful nature of mobile phone radiation has many people wondering what they can do to protect themselves — without having to kiss the phone goodbye.

UK company Aulterra claims it has developed a solution that provides 100% neutralisation of the radiation believed by some to adversely affect human DNA, the Aulterra Neutraliser.

It’s a surprising solution, and not just on account of its tiny form. The neutraliser embraces cutting edge quantum physics and, rather than requiring users to lug around farcical beeping contraptions, it packs it all into a neat and entirely unimposing sticker.

The key science at work here is the tachyon field — also referred to as quantum field, zero point energy and free energy. After exposure to a mobile phone’s EMF, the body’s cells, which contain DNA, become ‘disorded’.

It is this precarious state of cellular interference that is feared to be related to illness. A tachyon field, first predicted by Einstein, on the other hand, causes a shift back towards the ordered state (or a state of negative entropy for the scientifically inclined).

Thus, EMF waves emanating from mobile phones are rendered coherent and harmless, apparently. The tachyon field is generated by a naturally ocurring susbstance, pure Aulterra powder (a homeopathically activated blend of rock minerals and crystalline matrices), which is ground into a fine powder and then mixed with the ink on the sticker.

The function of the Aulterra Neutraliser is not therefore to block or absorb radiation, as it is commonly misconceived. Rather, as Dr David Hamilton explains, the neutraliser “has a much more advanced and beautiful modus operandi, which enables it not to interfere with the performance of the phone.”

Tachyon field technology is fast winning interest from the scientific community, and goverments and industry alike are utilising it to develop superior systems of all varierties.

In Holland, a pharmaceutical company has received approval to distribute organ-specific tachyonised products, and the German government is exploring its agricultural applications, primarily in maintaining plant strength and balance.

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