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No rest for businesses during Ramadan

Oil-driven growth and New Economy pressures seem to be preventing a Ramadan slowdown for businesses throughout the Middle East, according to results from ITP.net's spot poll.

It's expected to be business as usual during the Holy Month of Ramadan, according to voters on ITP.net's spot poll this week.

Of the 42 votes registered up until today, 32% expect commercial activity to be "better than ever" this month and 22% expect it to be the same as usual. That leaves less than half the voters who think business will slow down or grind to a hault.

Since this is the first year ITP.net has conducted this poll, there is no statistical data to compare this year's Ramadan to previous years.

The feeling on the street, however, is that the dynamics of the New Economy are making it impossible for businesses to ease-up at any time of the year. A spot poll conducted by ITP over the summer found that 35% fewer people took long holidays this year than during the summer of 1999.

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