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Cisco simplifies network policy management

Managed networks allow you to allocate greater amounts of bandwidth to users that need it most.

Cisco is simplifying the management and optimisation of large scale networks with the release of the second version of its QoS Policy Manager (QPM).

QPM 2.0 addresses the increasingly complex QoS policy management requirements for large enterprises. It now has greater reliability through device configuration change detection and correction, and the ability to label and group devices, interfaces and VLANs.

It also gives greater service-level control for converged voice, video,and data networks ,and support of a broad range of new devices and device software.

Network administrators have more deployment flexibility and control through rollback to previous policy sets and re-deploying them in the network, as well as uploading existing QoS configurations on devices.

Network managers can also extend traffic management by selectively blocking packets on a per-port basis, and proactively deny traffic flows to guarantee levels of service, which enables improved network resource utilization.

Extending Cisco AVVID (Architecture for Voice, Video, and Integrated Data) support, QPM 2.0 now includes a broad range of features specifically for Voice over IP and allows customers to quickly and easily configure QoS for their converged networks.