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Ambitious plans for Zawya.com

The latest business and finance portal for the MENA region, zawya.com, is looking to register 250,000 professional business users within two years.

An ambitious plan to attract over 250,000 registered users over the course of twenty-four months has been put into action by Zawya, through its business and finance portal—www.zawya.com— focused exclusively on the Middle East and Africa.

“We are the first and leading online provider of business and financial content for the Arab world,” says Ihasan Jawad, managing director, Zawya.

“Our goal is to build a smart business tool which the entire region into focus,” he added.

Aiming for the elusive figure of a quarter of million users, Zawya is looking primarily for professionals in the MENA region, but also from major international business capitals.

Features on the site include real-time business, financial and economic news and features, access to intra-day quotes from stock markets in the MENA region, as well as the coup de grace of research, analysis and broker reports from leading local and international financial institutions.