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Emirates Computers signs-up with Tejari.com

Joining online marketplace will give Emirates Computers better access to UAE government tenders, plus wider international reach.

Emirates Computers has joined a growing list of private trading companies using Tejari.com’s online marketplace.

The IT reseller will use Tejari to sell its goods via the Internet to a global market, with all of its logistics handled from Dubai. More importantly in the short term, it will promote Emirates Computers to UAE government agencies that are sourcing products through the online marketplace.

“Our strategic decision to trade on Tejari.com will allow Emirates Computers to participate in local tenders and assist us in our continuing efforts to develop long-lasting relationships with all government departments in the UAE,” said Hani Harik, president of Emirates Computers.

For Tejari.com, the signature of Emirates Computers represents a significant success story as the company sets out to brand itself as a central exchange for the buying and selling of all goods and services; both government and non-government.

“Tejari.com is committed to providing the region’s community of buyers and suppliers with a single point of contact for all electronic trade, and this element will provide great benefit to a company such as Emirates Computers, one which aims to increase the size of its market share,” said Lubna Al Qasimi, managing director for Tejari.com.