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Middle East leaders meet to discuss cyber-ethics

Dubai is playing host to the first international cyber-ethics conference. Ethical excellence could hold the key to inward e-biz investment argues Alex Zalemi.

Business and government leaders from across the world will convene in Dubai this month for the first international cyber-ethics conference. The conference is being held on the 19th & 20th November 2000 at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Delegates at the event, which is organised by the Gulf Centre for Excellence in Ethics, will look specifically at codes of ethical conduct in the new information economy.

Dubai officials recognise that their ambition to become an e-business hub for the region could be derailed if it is not perceived as a clean, transparent and ethical place to do business.

“Our private sector must stay abreast of emerging global standards of integrity in commerce and strive to meet, if not exceed these standards if it is to prosper,” said Abdulrahman Al Mutaiwee, director general of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“This is particularly true of e-commerce where commitment to ethical conduct is not only a requisite for the success of any given enterprise but a fundamental component of Dubai’s vision of itself as a regional leader in the development of this vital area,”

Significantly, the cyber-ethics conference has secured the patronage of His Highness, General Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the driving force behind Dubai’s e-business initiative.

“We have been delighted by the strength of positive reaction to this event that we have received from the local community, and we are truly honoured by HH Sheikh Mohammed’s sponsorship” said Alex Zalami, managing director of the GCEE.

Speakers at the event will include key representatives of the OECD, the US Securities & Exchange Commission and the Electronic Privacy Information Centre, as well as leading executives of banking, financial service, consulting and technology companies.