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Vxceed to supply interactive software for BMW

Indian solutions provider, Vxceed has designed a "communities out-of-the-box" solution for individual BMW customers to take advantage of online forums.

An Indian Internet solutions provider has launched its Dubai operation by announcing a contract with the German car manufacturing giants BMW.

Vxceed are to supply interactive software and a community portal for BMW owners in the UAE. Vxceed are to supply an i-CRM solution software that provides a full range of information to individual BMW owners via the German car giant’s web site. It will also supply a “communities out-of-the-box” solution that helps companies build online forums that it argues will provide the dual benefits of brand building and enhanced customer loyalty.

The communities-out-of-the-box service includes creating community features such as clubs, opinion polls and affiliation. There’s also content management features like weather, news, e-cards, stock quotes, personalisation and job management features, and communication features such as e-mail and bulletin boards.

“The software is custom-made for BMW and will eliminate hassles and save time for BMW owners wanting to have information about their individual car at the touch of a button,” said managing director, Madhu Koneru. “Our goal is to be a total solutions provider that can leverage the opportunities offered by the net and transform business with powerful e-technologies.”

Vxceed also provide a range of other services such as: e-marketplaces, community building tools, enterprise information portals, supply chain management, dotcom portals, web products, WAP and PDA development, interactive CRM, employee empowerment and client/server applications, but communities out-of-the-box is the company’s primary focus.

“As Internet usage rises rapidly worldwide, there is a growing need for surfers and users to interact, share information and voice their views,” said managing director, Cyril Ovely. “Communities out-of-the-box addresses this gap with its set of quickly customisable, robust, cost effective community building tools.”