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Quantum partners with MTC to balance channel demand

In the face of a volatile hard disk drive market, Quantum has signed up MTC in the hope of filling in any missing gaps in the region.

Assemblers had better get used to the current hard disk drought because it isn't going to get better in a hurry.

In fact, hard disk maker Quantum, predicts that there will be no significant easing until February 2001, and is broadening its distribution base to smooth supply in the mean time. The new kid on the block is Dubai-based memory and CPU distributor MTC.

But easing supply isn't the only goal; Quantum sees the MTC appointment as an opportunity to grab market share in an increasingly volatile market. "Our current channel partners are good but we feel that the market is not being completely covered," says Cagatay Kilic, sales manager for the Middle East at Quantum.

Kilic says that Quantum enjoys a market share of "over 25%" but hopes to achieve "over 40%" with the appointment of MTC.

Drives will be supplied to MTC by Quantum's distributor in Switzerland. The distributor will also carry Quantum Snap Servers, DLT products, and SCSI disks.