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Cacheflow opens channels in Egypt

Internet caching maker, CacheFlow has established a distribution base in Egypt to feed the country's growing appetite for speed and performance on the Internet.

Internet caching technology maker, CacheFlow, established a three-pronged distribution base in Egypt with SEE, GAM and DSME.

Together, they gathered more than 50 potential customers for a seminar in Cairo at the Marriot Hotel this week.

Claiming to accelerate Internet response time by 95%, Ray Kafity, general manager of the company’s Middle East division, said “there are two sides to the Internet performance equation: the network and the servers.”

“The network side is being addressed through caching and content distribution services, but the server side has been relatively neglected. Historically, the only way to deal with server bottlenecks was to buy more servers, which is expensive, difficult to manage and space-inefficient,” he added.

Nidal Taha, regional technical manager of CacheFlow, said the products are also used for filtering the Internet, used by the King Abdullah City for Science and Technology in the KSA among others.

The seminar was a part of a regional road-show said marketing manager Maher Luqman. “Egypt is seen as one of the key Middle East markets that can tap into the benefits of state-of-the-art caching technology. Both performance and speed of service are becoming increasingly important here as companies learn to utilise and put more demand upon the Internet. This is where CacheFlow steps in.”