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LGE to display Internet fridge at Gitex

LG Electronics calls Internet refrigerator a 'quantum leap' in white good/information electronics integration.

LG Electronics will bring its Internet refrigerator to the Middle East at Gitex 2000, bringing about what the company calls a “quantum leap” towards the integration of white and information electronics products.

The LGE Internet Digital DIOS Refrigerator (R-S73CT: 730 litre grade), can be used to surf the Net, to make videophone calls as well as to store and cool food.

“This is the first time moving image communications technology, previously only available in multi-media products, has been used in a home appliance. It is ground-breaking stuff with nine digital functions stemming from the Internet and videophone. The refrigerator has been transformed from a mere electronic appliance for storing food, to a total family entertainment and communications centre,” said Young H. Kim, president, Middle East and Africa Operations, LG Electronics.

“Moreover, with a camera attached to the LCD, users can exchange video messages or even take photographs and then replay messages or pictures. The new refrigerator can also be used to watch TV or to send e-mails,” said Kim.

And, through an Internet link, the refrigerator also provides real-time information on grocery products and stocks available on the Net.
The refrigerator also has easy-to-use touch screens, a music box, letter memo using an electronic pen, as well as voice messaging.