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IBM's ThinkPad X Series is thinnest and lightest yet

IBM ThinkPad X is less than 25.4mm, and 1.4Kg, and features a 12.1-inch TFT display.

IBM slimmed down and streamlined its ThinkPad notebooks with the addition of its most portable device yet, the ThinkPad X Series.

The X Series notebooks are slim (less than 25.4mm), and lightweight (travel weight starting at 1.4Kg) and feature a 12.1-inch TFT display.

ThinkPad X Series models are powered by Intel Mobile Pentium III processors at 600MHz, or Mobile Celeron processors at 500MHz.

Earlier this year, IBM announced the T Series for users who need a thin and light high performance notebook computer for frequent travel; the A Series for users who want an alternative to the desk-top computer; and the i Series, for growing businesses, students and individuals who want quality at an affordable price.

"The new ThinkPad notebooks are designed to dramatically improve the overall user experience," said Sameh Farid, marketing manager, IBM PSG MEEP.

“The mobile computing industry is growing at an accelerated pace, and we expect that growth to continue. The winners will be those vendors who incorporate the latest innovations in notebooks that are thin and light, embrace the latest advanced technologies, and connect seamlessly to other digital devices."