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Impact/BBDO joins forces with world's fourth largest PR agency

Impact Porter Novelli wants to help change the perception of PR in the region, explains Peter Hehir, chairman of Porter Novelli Intl.

Impact/BBDO and Porter Novelli have joined forces to form Impact Porter Novelli, a new regional public relations consultancy.

The move beings together the PR arm of an established regional marketing agency with the brand name and resources of the world’s fourth largest public relations agency.

Impact Porter Novelli aims to serve two main purposes: as a focused PR specialist, looking to offer strategic as opposed to project-based or ad hoc PR services; and also as a recognised brand name for international Porter Novelli clients operating in the region. “We have the skills to do national PR here and we want to add the international side,” said Peter Hehir, chairman of Porter Novell International.

Impact Porter Novelli’s logo is ‘The Management of Reputation’ and the company is keen to counter any perception that PR is about pure press release pushing. Impact Porter Novelli foresees itself becoming an integral part of the business processes of companies, advising them on the consequences of their actions and decisions, looking for potential pitfalls and managing crises. “Where things are moving is that we’re part of the management group, looking at the decisions that a company is trying to make and advising on the potential outcome of those decisions,” said Hehir.

Matthew Millard-Beer, public relations director, Impact Porter Novelli, says the company's main challenge will be to clearly understand clients’ businesses and their goals, and come up with clear, achievable objectives. “For us to justify our fees, we have to set measurable objectives that have real, tangible results,” says Millard-Beer.