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Cellis improves customer service in Lebanon

A customer management centre solution from Genesys Telecommunications will drive significant improvements in customer service, says the operator.

The Cellis mobile phone operator in Lebanon is driving improvements in customer service through the creation of a dedicated customer management centre.

Technology from Genesys Telecommunications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcatel, will form the core of the centre’s operation.

Genesys' Inbound and Outbound solutions for calls and emails will allow Cellis to establish a personal link with each subscriber thus enhancing its customer services.

"The Genesys solution is a strategic tool that allows contact centre managers to effectively align the calling process with the customer's requirements, thus allowing the company to be in touch with their customers more efficiently," said Alan Barr, Genesys managing director for the Middle East.

The Genesys CTI solution offers the ability to seamlessly deliver both inbound and outbound calls to the agent. The solution regulates outbound call volume based on inbound traffic.

When inbound traffic is low, outbound calls are automatically generated for a specific campaign. When inbound traffic picks up, the dialer dynamically slows the number of outgoing calls to meet the inbound service level.

The result is increased agent productivity, streamlined staffing, improved customer services and the added benefit of cross-trained agents.