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Al-Faris prepares to unleash e-biz powerhouse

Al-Faris has been quietly developing partnerships with some of the world's leading e-business experts. Now it is ready to shout about it.

Al-Faris Information Technologies is introducing the online transaction processing expertise of ClearCommerce to the region.

Kuwait-based Al-Faris, has been building e-business expertise over the past two years and is now publicising the partner relationships it has developed.

Along with ClearCommerce, the company also has partnerships with Optika, Mercantec and PureEdge; all specialists in their fields within the e-business space.

Al-Faris will be introducing all of these companies, along with their own local e-business expertise, at this year’s Gitex exhibition.

“It’s a great opportunity to be at Gitex. We will demonstrate live today’s most innovative solution in eBusiness, including virtual store, online payment systems, customer relationship management, B2B XML binding InternetForms and web resolution” said Al-Faris’ president & CEO, Haitham Al-Faris. “For visitors who want to benefit from the eBusiness opportunities, our solutions will enable them to be the first and stay at the top” he added.

Optika is a B2B expert specialising in “Trading Partner Resolution Networks.” These interactive communities allow businesses to manage B2B transactions, automate processes, facilitate partner self-service and collaborate on transaction issues over the web.

Mercantec’s specialisation is the creation of online B2C stores; while PureEdge brings the ability for online retailers to collect and manage information via secure Internet forms.