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OPEC website hit by hacker

The website of OPEC was down for two days following a hacker-type graffiti attack in protest against rising oil prices

The website of the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has been defaced by hackers. The attack occurred late on Tuesday, it was reported, with the damage not being repaired until late on Wednesday.

The cracker responsible, going by the name of Fluxnyne, was protesting at the current oil crisis that has paralysed the UK and parts of Europe, and at price rises in crude oil. Visitors to the site were automatically sent to a rogue webpage, before being returned to the OPEC homepage.

The following message was displayed on the extra page: ‘I think I speak for everyone out there [the entire planet], when I say you guys need to get your collective asses in gear with the price of crude. We really have to focus on the poverty-stricken countries, who don’t even have enough money for aspirin, let alone exorbitant prices for heating oil. I think the lives of children are paramount to your profits.”

Farouk Mahummed, head of public relations for OPEC said: “We are still trying to tighten up security, but it is never foolproof, this sort of thing can happen to anyone.”