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Compaq aids small businesses with the Source

Compaq has launched a B2B portal to help small to medium enterprises flourish, with country specific sites promised by the end of the year.

Compaq EMEA has launched a new portal site aimed at small to medium enterprises.

The portal, called ‘The Source’ will offer SMEs information on and access to business services in their countries. Each site will be country specific, with the UK site the first to go live.

The Source will carry resources such as online banking, training, virtual accounting, business consulting, credit information, taxation and legal services. All services will be tested by Compaq, and covered by a Compaq money back guarantee. The portal will be customizable, and can be accessed via PC or WAP.

“Small to medium-sized businesses are searching for good, relevant services,” said Peter Blackmore, senior vice president for sales and services, Compaq Computer Corporation. “Service providers are trying to attract SMB customers, but generally they don’t have the brand presence to get their attention. The Source brings these two parties together, offering growing businesses the chance to tap into e-business efficiencies via a name they know and trust – Compaq.”