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Compaq launch new desktop PC, streamline range

Compaq has announced the launch of the Deskpro EX, the PC it hopes will provide the perfect balance of power and features at a cost-effective price.

Compaq has announced the launch of its latest range of desktops, the Deskpro EX.

The EX is the final part of Compaq’s redesigned and re-launched Deskpro series which has been streamlined and adapted to target businesses of all sizes. The EX series is aimed at business users who need high performance levels at a low cost.

“The Compaq Deskpro EX is the most flexible, easy to install and maintain series of desktop PCs, with the highest performance and lowest price Compaq has ever produced,” said Peter Orre, director for commercial desktops for Compaq EMEA. “With the increasing influence of the Internet, PC deployment is often fast and dynamic regardless of the size of business and customers want a cost-effective, easy and flexible system, but they don’t want to compromise on quality. The Deskpro EX has been built for this new generation of business users.”

The EX features new chassis design and smaller mini ATX case, common software and a more robust configuration and order management. It will contain Pentium III or Celeron processors, and comes in desktop or minitower form factors.

“With processor speeds from 566 to 933 MHz, memory scaleable from 64MB to 512MB, and a variety of add-on options, the Compaq Deskpro EX series can be configured for any desired level of price/performance,” said Hazem Bazan, business manager for commercial PC products, Compaq EMEA. “The Deskpro EX series offers a unique array of features and benefits that make it ideally suited for every budget: customers can easily configure the Deskpro EX series to create the most powerful, as well as the most cost effective business solutions.”