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Egypt to advise Oman on liberalisation of telecom industry

Egypt's Minister of Communications and IT, Ahmed Nazif, promises help on legislation and transfer of expertise.

Oman and Egypt have agreed that Egypt will play an advisory role as the Sultanate plans for liberalisation of its telecommunications industry.

The announcement was made by the Egyptian government following a visit by the Omani Minister of Communications H.E. Sheikh Suhail ben Mustaheil to Egypt.

He met with Egypt’s Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Dr. Ahmed Nazif.

Together they “explored areas viable of co-operation between the two countries in the field of communications and information technology,” according to a statement by Egypt’s MCIT.

New Telecom Law

It was agreed that Egypt would provide technical advisory services to the Sultanate for the formulation of a new telecom law, “with the express objective of development and liberalisation of the communications industry and services in Oman,” MCIT said.

Egypt is currently moving a new Telecom regulatory act through government instances.

It is expected to be one of the Egyptian government’s most important moves towards market economy.

During the meeting, experts from MCIT presented the principal features of the National Communications and Information Technology Plan.

They also highlighted the opportunities for co-operation between Oman in the area of human resources development.