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A WAP browser born and raised in India

Integra Microsystems has launched Jataayu WAP browser to provide access to WML content on PalmOS-based devices.

Integra Micro Systems has launched what it believes to be India’s first PalmOS-based browser, Jataayu WAP.

The Jataayu WAP browser will provide access to WML content on PalmOS-based devices and enable users to build applications ranging from Internet e-mail and messaging to mobile banking, stock trading and other mobile commerce services.

Integra, a Bangalore-based software company, cited full WAP compliance as one of the goals behind designing the Jataayu WAP client (similar to an Internet client) and Mahesh Jain, Managing Director of Integra Micro Systems, was keen to stress the importance of this goal.

“Integra’s WAP strategy at the moment is to build up a strong presence in the Indian market and use that to target the worldwide market,” he said.

Strategic Tie-Ups

“As for the world market, we have got the Jataayu WAP Stack already licensed to a US based software development house. Integra is also looking for strategic tie-ups for both domestic as well as export markets.”

Integra’s Jataayu WAP browser may soon become available on other operating systems. Integra is offering SMS Services and SMS push to address non-WAP phones and non-availability push phones.

However, the long term aims of the company are to implement newer specifications and address emerging technologies such as GPRS.