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UAE Regulator considering VoIP

The UAE’s Telecomm-unications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has suggested that some licensed VoIP services could become available in the UAE by the end of the year.

Quoted in a UAE newspaper last month, the TRA’s public relations manager, Adnan Al Bahari, said: “Currently, we are studying all the aspects of the ban on VoIP facilities. And if we find it is necessary to lift the ban, we’d re-consider our decision”, he said.

The suggestion, made previously by TRA officials, is that VoIP services need licensing, just like standard landline and mobile phone services, and that this is being worked upon at present.

The TRA’s director-general, Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, has previously said that the TRA is discussing the issue with industry players who are interested in providing VoIP services, such as Etisalat.

Whichever providers do get the eventual nod, this development seems unlikely to begin allowing consumer VoIP services such as Skype.