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USR debutsnew ADSLin the ME

USRobotics (USR) has launched a new asymetric digital subscriber (ADSL) router in the Middle East, which it claims is the ideal product for broadband users wanting a cheap ADSL product.

The USR819112 ADSL2+ Ethernet USB router allows users to pay less for an ADSL modem but still add more users to the network in the future.

It offers speeds of up to 24Mbps and by adding one of USR’s fast ethernet switches or a wireless access point the numbers of users supported by the network can be increased easily.

The new product also offers high security levels, with features that include an advanced firewall, which protects the network from hackers.

“In this market, the demand for broadband connections is increasing rapidly and this new product addresses that segment of the market looking for great performance, long term flexibility and a great price,” said Sumit Kumar, USR’s regional manager for Middle East and North Africa.

The USR819112 is effectively three products in one, offering an integrated ADSL modem, ethernet router and a Stateful Packet Inspection firewall.