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Xerox in training leap

New deal for firm.

Xerox Emirates today announced its participation in a internationally recognized training course called "Up Your Service Training" which is intended at raising the bar on customer service levels of its customer service and support staff.

Staff across all levels at Xerox Emirates will undergo the "Up Your Service" (UYS) training which will use proven strategies to improve customer service levels in a successful manner.

"Xerox Emirates has undertaken the UYS training as part of its commitment to fulfil its No 1 objective to improve the overall customer experience. We believe this training course will further enhance the already high levels of customer service that our customers have come to expect from us in order to craft the optimal customer experience at each stage of the customer lifecycle and we are confident of raising the bar on our overall service experience even further for the benefit of our customers." said Belal El-Banna, Marketing Manager, Xerox Emirates.

Ron Kaufman is the author of the UYS bestselling series and founder of the UYS College. He is an internationally acclaimed innovator and motivator for partnerships and quality service that helps organizations around the world achieve superior service, increase customer loyalty, creates strong partnerships and builds winning teams.