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    Microsoft slips in browser market share

    Oct 04, 2010 IE share of browser market shrinks for second month running


    Apps on a stick

    Nov 17, 2009 All the necessary programs that are on your PC can, these days, be compressed into that little memory stick of yours. With memory sticks having increasing amounts of storage, they’re becoming ever more useful for storing all of your important programs. From your work, graphics and Internet programs to operating systems; you can have all on your memory stick.

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    Firefox: One billion downloads later

    Aug 03, 2009 Recent news that the Firefox browser has been downloaded one billion times is just one milestone achieved amongst others

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    Firefox downloads - one billion and counting

    Aug 02, 2009 Launched less than five years ago, Firefox is now the most popular browser after Microsoft Internet Explorer

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    Firefox 3.5 release showcases increased speed

    Jul 01, 2009 Mozilla today finally launched Firefox 3.5, a browser which is faster than its predecessors and which has more features